Resources and Downloads

The main resource for our work is the laboratory (see below) and the zebrafish housing facility (not depicted):


For a virtual 360°-tour please click on the image.

Funding /Research support

The financing of the laboratory and the projects has been supported by

Human Frontier Science Program
Ministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Kunst

Further Links and Downloads

Website on microscopy

Molecular expressions
Website on microscopy

Raw Data and Analysis Code from
Wang K., Hinz J., Haikala V., Reiff D. F.& Arrenberg A. B.
Selective processing of all rotational and translational optic
flow directions in the zebrafish pretectum and tectum

Blender 3D Software
for modeling and visualizing of experiments

Bidirectionaler Renderer Luxcore
for visualizing of optical ray paths